Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrating summer and strawberries!

Don't miss these days! These strawberry picking days. Time is beautifully lost in our youth. So unaware we are and rightfully so. Those should be the happy, carefree days. But then, ever special still, time is more carefully tended as we age. It becomes precious and full. We learn to value it and to fill it with things that matter... things again that make us happy - when we learn what happiness truly is. People we love, small beauties, good conversations, learning. In it's purest form happiness is nothing that can be bought and yet it is still lost on me constantly.

In the summer time it's happy little bare feet dancing in the grass. Little girls picking flowers for their pockets to share with daddy at the days end. Using your picnic blanket as much as you can. Even rain falling to tend to our earth and all it gives us.  Strawberry picking. (I haven't gone yet, but it's in the diary and I genuinely can't wait!)

It's fitting that such a sweet treat be the inspiration for our summer crafts. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, let's get going! If you need a gentle nudge or are just constantly pressed for time, set some aside and join in the strawberry festivities going on.

Scrapiana Vintage Strawberry Workshops (as featured in Mollie Makes magazine issue two) are in full bloom this July at The Makery, New Oriel Hall and Millie Moon Haberdashery. The details for dates, times, locations and booking your place can all be found over at Scrapiana's site.

Need help getting through the rest of your craft wish list and turned down pages of inspiration in Mollie Makes? Help is on the way. We're nearly ready to offer a date for your diary for the launch of our craft nights. Nothing helps move along our projects like dedicated time and nothing makes it easier to take that  time than making it a girls night! We can't wait to come together and get started! More news to follow very soon...

O the things we will make,

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  1. HI Emma, I am Mrs Stokes from the It's darling! fair. Scrapiana suggested I get in touch to tell you about the next fair on July 16th and to see if you would be able to link to us like you have done for the Bath V&A. Perhaps we can help you with some content in any way? There are lots of crafty mums who have stalls with us. My email is We would love to spread the word through your community! Thank you