Thursday, July 21, 2011

What to make?

I'll start with the disclaimer that for the time being I am very much a practical crafter. I hope to one day tap into my creative side and dream up cute things to make, but for now I'm working off of a list of things we could use around the house that other people have cleverly made for me to easily copy. Thank you other people, for sharing your beautiful work and tutorials!

I'm sharing my list since there might be something you fancy making as well and I can save you the time by linking to the tutorial. Have a read through a tutorial, copy down the materials needed and you're ready to join us on Monday armed with a project you're excited about.

Add to the list by linking to a project you're excited about in the comments section so the ideas can grow.

Looking forward to making with you this Monday!


First things first - I need a proper pincushion. Taking your pins in and out of the little container they came wrapped in lacks a certain charm. It's like a tea party with your electric kettle instead of a cute tea pot. It's a little thing, but it indulges the senses. My pick of the moment (going along with the tea party theme) is the teacup pincushion. This picture and tutorial is from Larissa of mmmcrafts.

I'm forever going through plastic sandwich bags taking food on the go for Liam, and have this guilty feeling about creating such constant waste. It's time to come up with a different solution. I think I'll start with this little sandwich cozy that serves as a placemat too. This picture and tutorial is from Maggie of smashed peas and carrots.

I just bought some lavender from Scrapiana at the It's Darling Fair! last Saturday and I'm keen to make feel-good little somethings with that! These sweet little winter warmers (picture and tutorial) were found at A Spoonful of Sugar. Or this ever-so-clever lavender tea bag from Mademoiselle Chaos.

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