Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for coming into my sitting room to teach me how to sew! I am in desperate need of some relevant guidance to inspire me and put to practise, and I have finally found some tonight in the pages of your lovely book, Sew It Up - a modern manual of practical and decorative sewing techniques by Ruth Singer.

I have checked out a few sewing 'manuals' from the library and have found them to be about as effective as a cook book full of ingredients but no recipes. I suppose they're designed to be an accompanying reference, but when you want to learn how to sew you want the chance to practise what you're learning. Perhaps this method is too heavily engrained from years of education accompanied with exercises and homework, but the hands-on approach is still my preferred way to learn.

So, after promptly returning those books with no more understanding of what I could do with them than when I first picked them up, I have finally found one that I'm excited about. What is that saying about 'the teacher will come when the student is ready?'

The book is broken up into three main sections working it's way through techniques one at a time and then offering a few projects to put to the test what's on offer to learn. That just makes simple sense to me. Thank you, Ruth!

I'm really excited and thinking I will treat it like a sewing course and just work my way straight through the book. Studying the techniques and completing each of the projects as if they were my homework assignments. You can give the grade if you like. Lucky me, though, you won't be able to fully inspect my digital pictures.

Looking forward to sharing the progress!

Yours in stitches,

PS - I would really like to have the lovely pincushion pictured throughout the book. She makes me want to sew.

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