Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Power of Making

Opening today at the V&A is a new exhibition 'The Power of Making', a collection of 100 crafted objects - some professional, some amateur.

Crochetdermy bear - Scary/Cute?

In the exhibition blurb is something very apt for those of us learning as we go "at every stage in the learning process, a maker’s relationship to materials and tools changes dramatically. What may at first have been frustrating becomes pleasurable... Advanced skills may take a long time to learn, but the feeling of being ‘in the zone’ can be experienced by anyone – from a four-year-old to a master artisan".
Not sure I'm in the zone yet, but I am now so much more comfortable with my sewing machine than I was just a few months ago (unfamiliar machines still strike terror into my heart).

The exhibition also contains some truly inspirational and subversive cross-stitch, created by POWs in the Second World War. There was a full article in Saturdays Guardian about it all thats worth a read.

The exhibition runs until January.

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